Friday 22nd August 2014


For some reason I got a text message from one of the PT’s at the gym, who I’d never spoken to, offering me a free PT session. Turns out it was random message and he didn’t know who I was haha!

Pretty intense session – warmed up for 10 mins before it started, then did:

3 sets of 5 x exercises for 1min rounds (no rest) followed by 2m30s on the treadmill at 12.5km/h.

Lots of KB swings, abs, squats on the bosu (harder than they look).

Legs still not recovered from Tuesday so was pretty gruelling.


Decided to have a play on my parallettes – been a while.

GMB P1 warm up

3 x 10 x low push ups
1m30s rests

3 x 5 x tuck – jump through – dip things
2m rests

3 x 8 x battle rams (on feet, no push up)
1m30s rests

2m rest

5 x kneel to crow

3 x tuck planche holds (push up handles)

Really feeling that I need to be stronger in the front of my shoulders for this, so going to focus on some leans for a bit. Can do the tuck but need to get my weight further forwards.

5 x 10s leans

Messed around with crow etc. a bit more, elbow lever etc.

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