Tuesday 19th August 2014


30 minutes of stretching. Especially hip flexors.


45 minute circuits class

5m bike (to get heart rate up)

Circuits wasn’t bad, but not enough cardio for my needs.

Taking a week off running but need to stay fit without doing burpees, running or jumping. Think I’m gonna have to cycle a lot :(


7 min sauna warm up

Light mobility (quick)

10 x empty bar (20kg) squats
10 x 30kg
10 x 35kg
8 x 40kg
6 x 45kg
4 x 50kg
5 x 55kg
5 x 60kg

10 x empty bar
8 x 25kg
6 x 30kg
4 x 35kg
5 x 40kg
5 x 45kg

Lunges (all each leg)
10 x empty bar
8 x 25kg
6 x 30kg
4 x 35kg
2 x 40kg
1 x 45kg

Glute bridges
3 x 10 x empty bar

Stretching – hurting by this point!

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