Grisedale Pike to Causey Pike run/walk (photos)

I’m up in the Lake District with friends for a week. It’s my first holiday that’s not involved an obstacle race so far this year, and whilst that should mean sitting around eating, drinking wine and doing the odd bit of sight-seeing, in my world it means leaving my friends to do that whilst I take off on what turned out to be an epic walk/run/climb.
My ITB‘s flared up a bit in the past few weeks (no idea why since I’ve made no dramatic increase in weekly mileage or training style), but since I’m already working on strengthening and stretching my hips and glutes as well as doing other rehab exercises, I’m intending to try and continue doing a bit of light running on it and seeing what happens.

Instead of just going out for my weekly long run, I figured it would be sensible to do something less intense, so set out to walk/run/climb up Grisedale Pike (791m) and then up to various peaks and pikes in a big loop before heading back down to Braithwaite, where we’re staying. I ran what I could – bits that weren’t too steep up- or down- hill (down hill being the worst for my knee) – and just tried to stay light on my feet and move efficiently (good practise for what I’m not so good at!). 

The route started in Braithwaite (green dot) and went up to Grisedale Pike, on to Hopegill Head (770m), then across to Crag Hill (839m), Sail (773m) and Causey Pike (637m) before going back down to Braithwaite:
The total route was 16.4km and 1134m of elevation (see more on Strava).
I took my DSLR in an Inov8 Racelite pack that Clare had kindly leant me, so stopped to take photos along the way. Got to say the pack was great – fitted snugly and didn’t rub on my neck, plus enough room for water, snacks, a spare jumper and a windproof jacket. 

 The initial walk up to Grisedale Pike was mainly along fern-lined paths
I have to confess that at seeing the size of Grisedale Pike after walking for 45 minutes and discovering that I’d only done 2km, did cause a moment of “oh shite this is way more of an epic mission that I thought it would be”. But luckily I had water and snacks so that moment passed pretty quickly ;)
The green ferns gave way to heather further up…
…Which gave way to rocks and scree to climb/scramble up. I met a nice local who gave me some tips on other good walks, and advised me to eat lots of chicken and pasta for dinner :)
The view back down
The view of Coledale Beck, which runs along the valley between Grisedale Pike and the mountains on the other side.
Made a couple of panoramic shots from the top of Grisedale – you’ll have to click to view them though:
Some really nice scenary coming up to Crag Hill – a stream running down from the moutain and joining Coledale Beck.
 View from the top of Crag Hill. This guy, and his family, were all walking with headphones on. Very strange.
A few of the descents were a bit gnarly – pretty much had to climb down rocks. There were a couple of moments when I wondered whether doing it on my own was wise, especially with sheer drops on both sides and the wind picking up!
Last picture showing my view from my final snack point.
All in all it was an awesome day. 2h40m of “moving time” (according to Strava) but about 4h30m in total. Sunny the whole day, and just brilliant being out in such stunning countryside. 
Hopefully back to normal training-related writing posts in the near future, since I’m here for another five days and intend to devote some time to my poor neglected blog.

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