Sunday 28th September 2014

Dirty Dozen 18km UK OCR Championships

Came 5th woman, in under two hours. My goals were “top five finish in under two hours” so yay!

Distance: 16.6km
Moving Time: 1:39:55
Pace: 6:02/km
Suffer Score: 173
Elevation: 0m
Elapsed Time: 1:59:58

Under the advertised 18km by quite a bit – not sure if that was due to me taking efficient lines but that can’t explain away more than a kilometer?!

Fell off the monkey bars which was incredibly annoying as I was nearly at the end and then had to do burpees. Was fucked after that – felt sick! – and took me a good few km to get back into my stride again, especially as lots of water obstacles came straight afterwards and they really get me because of the cold.

Quite a fast start (I’m bad for the first four or so k) but aimed for a steady pace and just picked people off who had gone off too soon. Really happy with my splits – working to try and be consistent and not die off at the end.

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