Monday 13th October 2014

Treadmill run:

1km warm-up at 5.27/km

5 x 1km repeats at 4.00/km

1km cool down at 5.27/km

Had to have a couple of pauses to cough/clear my throat on the last three.

Strava: Warm up and cool down

Strava: Main

Ring session:

Yeahhhhh been ages since I’ve been on the rings. Was a bit worried I’d be all weak n ting, but it was ok. Phew.

5 x STC

10 x baby MU

10 x ring dips

3 x MU

2 x 2 x MU

2 x 10 x ring dips

Quick BL hold

(Can’t remember if I did anything else as typing this up wayyyy after the time)

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