News ‘n’ blogs round-up

Little round up of the best articles I’ve read this week. Thought I’d share in case you have time for a bit of reading over the weekend.


Identify your weak points  (GMB)

Easy meals for time-poor people to make (Quora)

An interview with the legend that is Bro Ben; artist, musician and the official film make for the UK calisthenics scene (Design Week)


Something many people need a bit of help with – How to be alone (

Challenging the narrative that possessions equal prosperity (Guardian)

Awesome story of a woman who made a present for her husband’s 50th birthday – 50 challenges for him to do over the coming year.

Very good tip from Warren Buffett on managing your to do list. (I’ve been reliably informed that it is not pronounced like the breakfast buffet at hotels, but like you are being buffeted around by the wind. Shame – enjoyed the idea of one of the richest men in the world having a ridiculous surname.)

And in other news:

Someone’s invented a hoverboard (DesignBoom)

Your cat thinks you’re a giant unpredictable ape (Wired)

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