Saturday 25th October 2014

Awesome day :)


Home to climbing in Mile End

Distance: 12.2km
Time: 38:18
Average Speed: 19.0km/h



Two hours chill climb with Jo. Did the easy routes first, then some overhangs, the monkey room then the finger board room. Double- handed jumped up one of the sandpaper things. Mostly a balls thing I think- the way they overhang makes me think that you’d sandpaper your teeth if you got it wrong.

Nice bit of stretching and some handstands afterwards.

Pub lunch – burger and wine yehhhh.


Distance: 11.0km
Time: 37:13
Av. speed: 17.7km


20 x bodyweight squats
20 x bodyweight lunges

3 x 10 x lateral raises (ES) @ 8.75kg
(These still burn at this weight)

3 x supersets :
10 x quad extensions @ 25kg
10 x Seated hamstring curls @ 25kg
1min rests

2 min rest

10 x empty bar
5 x 40kg
5 x 5 x 55kg

5 x 32.5kg

Think that was it (bit late typing up, didn’t save on phone)

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