Sunday 16th November 2014


A couple of km into town for lunch and back.

Gym (Chris’ garage)

Really good strength session in Chris’ garage gym with Jat. The running crew re-united.

10 x empty bar
5 x 40kg
5 x 5 x 60kg

10 x empty bar
5 x 40kg
3 x 5 x 62.5kg
(Was going to go up from 60kg in 2.5kg increments but I think I’ll just jump up to 70 or 75 next time)

3 x 5 x weighted pulls @ 6.25kg

3 x 5 x weighted ring dips @ 6.25kg

Thought they’d be really hard on rings but felt good
3 x 5 x weighted chins @ 6.25kg
5 x SBD
Nando’s lunch with the guys :)

Lamed out due to post-deadlift tiredness and the desire to play some video games on the sofa ;)

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