Thursday 20th November 2014


Only 3.7km


10 x hamstring curls @ 15kg

1 min rest

10 x leg extension @ 25kg
10 x hamstring curls @ 25kg

1 min rest

3 x
8 x leg extension @ 37.5kg
8 x hamstring curls @ 37.5kg
1 min rest

Some mobility between sets

15 x push ups
7 x pull ups
7 x dips
7 x chin ups

3 x 5 x push ups @ 6.25kg

3 x 5 x dips @ 6.25kg

3 x 5 x chin ups @ 6.25kg

All 1m30s rests except dips at 1m


With Lucy Martlew and James at Vauxwall. Took it pretty easy due to earlier PDC but was fun to mess around. New routes on the traverse wall.

It did, however, make my foot hurt for a few days afterwards.

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