Thursday 27th November 2014


18.8km of missioning around. Strava.


Mobility warm up (was quite stiff after yesterday’s dead/squat/muscle up sets!)

10 x scapular pull ups

3 x supersets:
10 x ab wheel roll outs
10 x swiss ball pikes

3 x supersets:
5 x low SBD’s
10 x HLR’s

3 x 12s false grip holds (on top of cable machine)

1 x false grip MU attempt (fail!) on cable machine
Will have to do these first I think!

Chat with one of the few PT’s there who actually trains properly – first time talking to him. Funbny that it’s taken so long for people to start talking to me there – think it helped going in with Laura that time as they could see me smile instead of be focussed and serious. Little do they know I could talk the hind legs off just about anyone into training of any sorts ;)

Nice stretch afterwards

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