Thursday 6th November 2014

Morning cycle

1.6km to gym


10 min mobility warm up

10 x inverse rows
15 x narrow push ups
10 x pull ups
10 x dips
1 min rests

5 x STC

3 x 5 x baby MU
1m30s rests

3 x ring MU
2 x MU
2 x MU
3 min rests

3 x supersets:
Tuck BL
1m30s rest
Tuck FL
1m30s rest

Just held for feel.  Totally list my back lever – even tuck hurts! Hope it comes back soon :)

Stretching and back on my bike for a little mission.


Been trying to up my mileage on the bike. Was planning to cycle to Woking (on the way to my folks place) but I spent too long at the gym and it was starting to get dark, plus i needed to get home in time to see my niece and chill with the fam, so detoured into Wimbledon and jumped on the train. Getting out of London was slow and frustrating.

Distance: 19.2km
Time: 1:03:08
Av. Speed: 18.2km/h



From station down the epic hill to my folks.

3.6km. Top speed of 43.2km/h!


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