New years resolve

Every year I try to make a new year’s resolution that I’ll actually manage to keep forever – I see it as a good excuse/reason to make a life-long change in some way, however small. The past few years have been pretty successful: not picking up free newspapers* (unless they have been “recycled” by being read first), not buying pointless plastic bottles (switching to soap instead of shower gel, using a Sigg bottle instead of buying water etc.) and last year it was walking up escalators instead of zoning out and riding them all the way (this one’s only really bad after leg day). I couldn’t think of anything to do this time, but then realised during a moment of inspiration (on the loo) that I could just combine it with something that I really want to do but for various reasons never actually make happen: write more. So starting on 1st January 2015 I am going to write a blog post a week.

I often think about things I want to write about, so much so that I have a whole section in my Todoist app dedicated to subjects to cover and ideas for short pieces. The problem is that I then invariably end up over-thinking them, and instead of jumping on my laptop and hammering them out as they come to my head (as I’m doing now, on a train to my folks place for Christmas) they end up spinning around  my head and what starts as a nice throwable snowball becomes something more suited to building a real-life Olaf.

It also doesn’t help that I worry about the blog feeling disjointed – trying to cover too much and not really doing a good job at anything, and whether I should just stick to bodyweight training. But whilst I love that, and know a lot about it, I feel like I’ve got more to say than just how to go about getting shoulders like boulders and learning how to do cool shit. But then I start worrying about how to phrase some of those things without being too blunt or alienating people. I really don’t want to give the impression that I know everything, that people should do what I say or that my friends should be mortally ashamed if they dare serve me bread at dinner time (only one of those is actually true).

Anyhow, I am hoping that the weekly output will just make me write. No thinking (well, not too much), no wallowing in ideas, no stressing about what I’m saying and how, just output. Because after-all, the first step towards writing more is to actually write more.

So there we are. Watch this space in 2015. Maybe I’ll even tick off one of the other things that has been languishing on the list for ages and make the site look halfway decent. Or maybe not. Wouldn’t want to over-stretch myself too much…

* I live in London, where there are two free newspapers distributed across the city every day: the Metro in the morning and the Evening Standard in the, erm, afternoon. These are accompanied by a range of shit magazines on various days of the week, including Stylist (full of fashion ads) and Sport, which is a load of crap since it only features half the world’s demographics, except for on one page when they are photographed in a bikini and asked inane questions. All these publications are thrust into your hands by overly-enthusiastic and strange-smelling men who block the entrances and exits to all main tube stations, and generally get in the way. You may have guessed that this resolution pleases me in a variety of ways

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