Saturday 27th December 2014

Trip to Uniq Physique in Haslemere. Well equipped gym (not much space for deadlifting though) which is a proper brah hangout. Literally everyone in there had a bigger chest than me, and the opening line was “hey mate, how much weight have you put on over X’mas?”. That gainer mentality never fails to make me smile.

Anyhow, workout… Decided to go for some post-X’mas reps and get back onto my weighted stuff when I’m back in London.


Quick warm-up (literally to warm up – it’s basically a warehouse with iron in it)

15 x push ups
5 x pull ups
10 x dips

10 x 5 x pull ups on the fat bar (6cm)
1m rests

10 x 7 x dips
1 min rests

5 x 5 x HLR’s

1 x FL hold
Too tired for that (it’s also fricking freezing in here!)

 3 x 5 x scap pulls getting height for FL

5 x 5 x L-sit kickouts

Had a go at pull ups some of the guys were doing: put a box below the bar, and you have to not touch it with your feet. Each set move the box further under the bar, so you’re coming down at an angle. Interesting game for people who’re already pretty good at pull ups.

Stretch (as much as I could in five degrees)

Was intended to jog home but foot wasn’t right after a few hundred metres, so decided to walk. Rang Mum to see if she wanted anything from the shops but before I could even ask her that she insisted on picking me up (“You don’t have a coat! You’ll freeze to death!”. And you know what? I didn’t turn her down ;) (Aborted Strava)

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