Sunday 14th December 2014

Taught the last if this set of three bodyweight workshops. Was awesome – loads of people, really good vibe.

Thought I may as well post the agenda for anyone curious (not gonna bother to format it though!)

Bodyweight Workshop 14th December

14:00 Admin, welcome, introduction etc.

14:05 – 14:15 Warm up

Run round in circle, Fi to call out a number, everyone to run to that number and do 10 x exercises.

(Fi to write numbers on paper and stick up, exercises things like jumping jacks, sit ups etc.)

Follow with shoulder etc. mobility

Neck circles
Wrist circles
Elbow circles
Arm circles
Hip circles
Couple of sun saltutations

14:20 Pull ups

Hollow body position
Fi to explain importance and demo
Everyone to try on the floor, then on a bar

Scap pull ups
Fi to demo
Everyone to do 3 x 5 (work in pairs or threes)

Ring rows
Fi to demo and explain teaching points
2 x 8 (pairs)

Band assisted
Fi to demo how to get in and out of band (Sam to help!)
Also different grips (regular vs. chin vs. mixed grip)
3×5 – three different grips

Demo with emphasis on tempo (metronome)
10 by 10 workout (either pull ups or inverse rows)
15:00 Holds: front and back lever positions

Quick explanation from Fi, and demo

Skin the cat
Quick explanation (why) and demo
Get people to start with low rings so that their feet touch the ground when they go back

Tuck holds/lowers – back
Fi to demo
Everyone to try 3 x max holds

Fi to quickly show progressions
Everyone to spend 5 mins trying them out

Tuck holds/lowers – front
(Much harder so some people might need scap pull up holds)
Fi to demo
Everyone to try 3 x max holds

Fi to quickly show progressions
Everyone to spend 5 mins trying them out

15:30 Game

Like musical chairs but people have to hang from the bar!

15:40 Break (Fi/Sam to get out parallel bars)

15:50 Dips

Explanation and demo – full, negative and band-assisted
Everyone to try
Everyone to do 3 x 10 at their level

16:05 Push ups
Explanation and demo

Show different progressions:
Assisted by raise in height

Everyone try both

Run through different variations, try each

Clapping / explosive
Supported on one side
On rings

Everyone to do 5 x 5 (first 5 of list above) – people can do rings ones if they want!

16:30 Game

Musical hold. As above but hold either dip or push up position

16:40 Legs!

Intro – explosive and strength

Everyone to try bodyweight squats – Fi and Sam to assess mobility and give pointers

Race (warmup!): Do 50 x bodyweight squats

Kettlebell squat walks relay race
Teams of 3 or 4
Everyone to grab kettlebell or plate and go and and down gym in squat position (not raising up

Show different types of jumps:
Game: metronome race – set slow metronome, have a race where everyone jumps on the beat and see who gets the furthest
Everyone to 3 x 10 x tuck jumps
Side to side
Set up line of parallettes and everyone to go over it twice

Squat star jumps

16:50 Final game

Everyone on one side of the box, jog to the other side…  3 push ups, run back, 3 sit ups, first one to other side calls out the next thing, do all of them plus new thing.

17:00 Finish!

Questions if running fast

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