Sunday 21st December 2014

5m X trainer to warm up
1 x pull up
2 x push ups
1 x chin up
3 x pull ups @ 5kg
3 x dips @ 5kg
3 x chin ups @ 5kg
3 x 5 x pull ups @ 8.75kg
2m30s rests
3 x 5 x dips @ 8.75kg
2m rests
3 x 5 x chin ups @ 8.75kg
2m30s rests
3 x 15s false grip hangs
OMFG these don’t get any easier. Gonna have to do them before the weighed stuff – tired.
3 x 5 x lows SBD’s
3 x 5 x tricep (forearm) pull downs (on pad of hands) @ 26.25kg
Stretched my arms!
Weighed my post-holiday self and seems I’ve put on 2kg’s (64kg) after a half bottle of wine a night and a not inconsiderable amount of Spanish pork products. Bugger. Still, I nailed the weighted work so not all bad. Got a few days to eat healthily before X’mas and at least I can run again (ish).

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