Sunday 28th December 2014

Training buddy Chris has got passes to all the Nuffield Gyms in the country! So went to check out one near him.
Tried to do X trainer to warm up but foot hurt
Mobility and yoga
10 x parallette push ups (parallettes! In a gym!)
5 x pull ups
7 x jump through to dip
Few sets of L-sits to tuck (no headstand) and to elbow lever.
L-sits strong, other stuff not
Skin the cat and back lever
3 x 3 x straddle raise to headstand
Need to add this back in

2 x 5 x empty bar
4 x 42.6kg
3 x 5 x 70kg
Didn’t feel strong on this weight last time so decided to do again. Waiting a few more days on deads (only once a week)

Stretch and foam roll.

Nice chill play session.

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