Monday 12th January 2015


New shoulder day.


Warm up:

1 push up

1 x arm circle each way

1 x hitch hiker

2 push ups

2 x arm circle each way

2 x hitch hiker

3 / 4 / 5

Back to back

1 x pull up

1 x yoga rockstar

2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Back to back

3 x 3x handstand walk up and down wall

4 x 20s handstand holds (facing the wall)

2min rests

3 x assisted tuck planche holds
1m 30s rest

5 x straddle headstand raises/lowers
Hip flexors feel super tight and legs weak

5 x straddle to headstand to crow to tuck planche to floor negatives
1m rests

5 x crow stand to planche to floor negatives
30s rests
Last two on push up handles to save wrists

3 x 5 x planche lean alternate legs (one rep = both legs moving)
1m rests
Focus: initiate with glute, hollow body position

3 x elbow lever
1m rests
Last one on push up handles

3 x 10kg plate raise up and down
1m30s rest
2 x 5 x same (must’ve warmed up!)

8 x 15kg shoulder press (machine)
2 x 5 x 20kg
1m30s rests

Mobility work

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