Monday 19th January 2015


To client and part of way back.

Time: 49:31
Av. speed: 19.4km/h


Got a puncture so stopped Strava…


The 4.6km back home. Went on pavement/smooth road, walked the bad bits. Annoying. Strava.


Mobility warm up

3 x crow to headstand to crow, just squatting in between

3 x frog style elbow lever to full and back (control)

3 x 4 x wall walks (stop, stand up, shake off, repeat)
2m rest

5 x 20s handstand holds
1m30s rests

Some tuck planching on dumbbells (wrists sore)

3 x 10 x alternate leg raises in planche lean (still dumbbells)
1m30s rests

3 x 10 x 10kg plate lifts/lowers (front delts)

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