Monday 26th January 2015


8km through Regent’s Park.

Started off at a decent pace but body was hurting after 5km (three days of straight bodyweight sessions!) so dropped it back a bit.

Distance: 8.3km
Time: 44:40
Pace: 5:22/km
Av. HR: 157bpm




Ab session. Need to get better body tension for FL stuff.

15m yoga and mobility

10 x leg raises on mat

Stretch out a bit more

3 x 10 x slow tuck to L-sit on parallel bars
2m rests

3 sets of 5 x dragon flag progressions
2m rests

3 x 10 x side to side (5 ES) of above

5 x slow DF negatives
1m rests

3 x 5 x slow ab wheel rollouts from kneeling on a Bosu

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