Monday 26th January 2015


8km (increase of 1km from last time!) pavement pound round the park. Reasonable pace for first 5km but body was SORE after three days of bodyweight training so dropped back by about 30s/km for the last three. Forgot how hard it is slamming the tarmac if you go at any pace. But hey, no complaints – happy to be back outside. Foot didn’t hurt running, nor ITB, nor neither afterwards.

Distance: 8.3km
Time: 44:40
Av. pace: 5:22/km




Abs session in the gym. New mission: get better body tension. Primary goal to get Dragon Flags, and support that with other ab/tension-y things. Scientific, huh?

15m yoga and mobility

10 x leg raises on mat

Stretch out a bit more

3 x 10 x slow tuck to L-sit on parallel bars
2m rests

3 sets of 5 x dragon flag progressions
2m rests

3 x 10 x side to side (5 ES) of above

5 x slow negatives
1m rests
Felt compression in neck and shoulders more on these, but they are definitely a LOAD stronger than the last time I practised them properly and regularly, which was about a year ago!

3 x 5 x ab wheel roll-outs with knees on Bosu
Can’t do these from standing as it wrecks my shoulder so wanted to get some height instead. Wanted to use the step bench but was in use so opted for Bosu. Good plan – was hard.

20 x lateral side bends with 15kg plate (10 ES)

2 x 20 x lateral side bends with 20kg plate (10 ES)

Some more stretching. Didn’t stretch after run so body tight.

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