Tuesday 13th January 2015


Went for a little plod round the hood to see if foot was ok. Hurt at first then eased up. Didn’t want to push speed or distance.

Distance: 4.0km
Time: 23:51
Pace: 5:58/km



Good warm up

1 x 10 x scap pull ups

5, 3, 1 x bodyweight pull ups

More wrist mobility/warm up

3 x 5 kg pull ups

1m 30s rest

3 x 5 x 10kg pull ups

2m rests

Front lever work:

5 x STC
2m rest

4 x ice cream makers
2 x 3 x ice cream makers
(Did them too fast for the first set)
2m rests

3 x 3 x FBT FL raise/lowers
1m30s rests

2m rest

5 x straddle FL lowers from top
1m rests in between each rep

5 x bodyweight chin ups

3 x chin ups @ 5kg

3 x 5 x chin ups @ 10kg
2m rests but 3 on last set (close to failing!)

3 x supersets
FBT FL hold
10 x SA hollow body push ups

Stretch, out for a movie


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