Monday 16th February 2015


Rainy trip round the block to try and shake off the pain of yesterday.

Distance: 3.2km
Time: 17:35
Pace: 5:28/km


25 x 30s stretch holds afterwards.



Getting back into the bodyweight slowly…

Trained at the Islington FF as meeting the folks for dinner after.

5m mobility

3 x
10 x narrow grip push ups
10 x inverse rows
No timed rest
Stretching / loosening in between

5 x 6 x pull ups
1m rests

3 x
6 x Swiss ball pike with a rollout
6 x HLRs
1m rests

3 x 15 Walt Reynolds (ES)

3 x STC, cheeky FBTFL hold

1 x straddle BL to FBTFL
2 x straddle BL to single legged FL

Forearms feeling a bit inflamed. Damn rings at the gym :/

3 x elbow levers

Stretchy stretchy. Some tennis and golf ball rolling too.

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