Saturday night, glass of wine and look what happens – I come up with a fricking AWESOME new name for this kind of post! “News” isn’t quite accurate, they’re not all blog posts, “news and blogs” is clunky like a broken robot and gah what’s a girl to do but come up with a pun?! Woohoo.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a round-up of my favourite articles, so apologies for the long post. But hey – it’s the weekend and it’s cold outside, so at least I’m giving you a good excuse to stay at home and read!


Carbohydrates: Let’s All Take A Breath (Robb Wolf)
Great balanced article on the ever-controversial issue of carb consumption.

Using Evolution And Exercise Physiology To Customize Your Carb Intake (Nate Miyaki) 
Nate’s pretty much nailed it.

Grain (New Yorker)
Interesting article on gluten and grains (not preachy!)

13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat (Business Insider)
Some sensible points

12 Graphs That Show Why People Get Fat (Authority Nutrition)
Clear as data.

Five Simple Steps To Turning Yourself Into A Fat Burning Machine (Ben Greenfield)
I recommend everyone turns themselves into a fat burning machine. Life is much better when you’re powered by butter.


Our 10 best rice recipes (The Guardian)
Carbgasms from around the world.

Bodyweight & Calisthenics

Psychologically Approaching Handstand Training (Yuri Mar)
I’m trying to add more handstand work into my routine and this is an interesting article on an oft-neglected part of this type of skill work

Levator Scapulae – tightness and effects on handstands (Beast Skills)

Lifts, feats and-exercises (Pavel Tsatouline, StrongFirst)
“Understanding the difference between lifts, feats, and exercises will simplify your life and make it easier to reach your goals”
Yes it will :)


Martial Arts

Rika Usami – The Undisputed Queen of Karate Kata (Karate by Jesse)

Okinawan Strength: Developing the iron body (Strong First)
Great article on the Strong First site – rooting yourself, using the breath to create tension – martial arts concepts brought to strength training

Health and Injuries

Understanding the causes of shoulder pain (GMB)
An oldie but always a goodie!

Gluteus Medius – evidence based rehab (Running Physio)
If you have issues with ITBS then read this.

University of Oxford Study: Women with big butts are smarter, healthier
Explains my genius, fo’ sho’.


How to tell if you’re projecting (After Psychotherapy)
This is something I have to stop myself doing – get annoyed with people without them having done anything – as a result of building them up in my head to be annoying.

Crossfit (*cough*)

CrossFit mirrors American militarism (Salon)
*no comment*

Crossfit vs. Conventional Training (Spot me, bro)
Interesting look at some of the potential problems with Crossfit (and how they may not be so bad for everyone)

Totally unrelated to anything

The Great Paper Caper (GQ)
Amazing story about a bank note counterfeiter

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2 Responses

  1. Jude says:

    Hey Fi, interesting articles, thanks! I was particularly interested in Yuri Mar’s thoughts on handstands, as he describes exactly my problem. I’m working on handstands daily and know that I do actually have the strength, flexibility and my balance (right way up) is pretty awesome…but I’m still pretty terrified! So I’m doing baby progressions, a step at a time and trying to have fun with the journey rather than obsess about the goal, it helps.

  2. Fi Silk says:

    I have the same problem – fear! I’ve started jumping up from a tucked position, both feet together, against the wall, and not even extending my feet up. I’m hoping it will get me used to the idea of jumping into space, and give me some idea of the place I need to be to balance. All very much a work in progress though…!