Sunday 22nd February 2015


 At the folks so did the usual trail run. Wasn’t great as had a random stomach ache (got a cold so taking ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine right before setting off may not have been wise!) and so had to stop for a while. But legs and lungs felt reasonable, if a bit tired. Still really worried about my foot… Want to run more – faster and further and grrr – but not till I’ve had the appointment (March). Frustrating.

Distance: 13.2km
Moving time: 1:21:20
Pace: 6:09/km
Elevation: 280m
Average HR: 164 


Did 10 mins of nice stretching afterwards. Getting into my stretching now.

Evening roll out:

15 mins of tennis and golf ball rolling. Some killer tight bit in my calf – gave myself cramp at one point.

Experimenting with toe spacers to stretch feet out.



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