Thursday 26th February 2015

Feeling fucking terrible after two days not moving (and having a cold still)


Foot still hurts, knee still hurts, so kept it light with a short treadmill session:

2 mins @ 10.5km @ 0% incline
30 sec walk @ same
2 mins @ 10.5km @ 1% incline
30 sec walk @ same
2 mins @ 10.5km @ 2% incline
30 sec walk @ same
etc. up to 8% incline
Then 2 mins @ 0% to cool down



Favourite yoga class with Sarah at FF (1 hour)

Evening parallettes

Just conditioning myself back into some regular P-bar work, same as the other day. 

P1 warm up – 5 mins

3 x 10 x push up to side plank

3 x 5 x tuck to L-sit and back to crouch

3 x 7 x straddle standing to shoulder stand thingies

3 x 3 divebomber push up -> upward dog -> downward dog -> through plache lean -> 5 x battle rams (ow)

3 x 3 x straddle holds, trying to retract legs properly (legs are tired – still sore after front scales the other day!)

30s stretch holds from P1 cool down

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