Wednesday 18th February 2015


Just 10.3km of errands – to the gym and to get my hair cut (yay – lion head is gone)

Distance: 10.3km
Time: 32:29
Avg Speed: 19.0km/h




Wanted to go and do some speed work on the treadmill but ITB/side of knee thing was feeling really tight, presumably after all that cycling (and no stretching) yesterday. So did some p/re/hab work instead:

Aborted speed session:  
1km @ 11km/h
100m walk
400m @ 14km/h

Did some rehab work instead (see below)

3 sets of:

15 x clam (each side)
10 x 20kg glute bridges
15 x Walt Reynolds thingies (each side)
10 x 8.25lg lateral raises (each side)

Bit of a foam roll and some stretching for glutes and hips

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