Friday 13th March 2015


Distance: 13.8km
Speed: 22.4km/h (yep – happy with that – helped to have a good route, partly on CS8)


Parallettes (P1) – Phase 2, Workout 2 (Session 4 of 12)

P1 warm up – 5 x 1min of various stretches

8 x Tuck to Bent Arm Bent Leg Shoulder Stand singles
30s rest

2 x 4 x Bent Leg Shoulder Stand to Inside Straddles
2m rests
Last rep a bit dodge… BUT I have discovered I can transition between the two if I bend my arms and go into a kind of elbow lever – i.e. so my elbows can support my weight. Result. But holy shit is it hard.

2 x 2 x Bent Leg Shoulder Stand to Inside Straddles (tired, was losing form)
2m rests

4 x 8 x L-sit Drives
1m30s rests

6 x 10s x  Hollow Body Forward Top Plank holds
30s rests
After hand standing with Luis I get the tension required in these now – tight ass, thighs and abs.

4 x 6 x Dive Bombers (forward / backward)
2m rests 
Too tired for more reps/less rest!

Shrimp squat stretches in between sets

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