Friday 20th March 2015

Oh gawd I’m all out of date with my logs…

Ahh now I remember…


To Charing Cross station:

Distance: 5.7km
Av. Speed 19.3km/h



Cycle to the Beard’s (and back)

Got the QOM for the segment up from the station, which is amazing given I literally crawled up it.

Distance: 9.0km
Av. Speed: 20.5km/h



Training day at the Beard’s Back Yard

Pretty awesome. Practised rope climbs, walls, the Hang Tough and Cliffhanger. Attempted to run and jump off the 10 foot wall (not so successful) but all in all feeling happier about Ninja Warrior. 



Charing Cross back home:

Distance: 6.1km
Av. Speed: 19.7km/h



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