Monday 30th March 2015

Morning stretching

2 x 30s wrists 

2 x 30s elbows

30 shoulder

2 x 30s arm swings 

30s hip circles

30s side-to-side

30s side to side touching floor

30s squats

30s seated toe touch

30s wide straddle side-to-side

30s knees wide on floor

30s lunges alternating

2 x 30s forward leg swings

2 x 30s side leg swings

2 x 30s rear leg swings

2x crossed leg glute stretch

30s cat stretch

30s moving pigeon

2 x 30s alternating in/outward leg swings


Ninja Warrior!

Competed in the UK version of Ninja Warrior. Loads of fun and my run went pretty well, except for the bit that I hadn’t prepared for. Bugger. Luckily I’m typing this up a few days after the event and have stopped metaphorically punching myself in the face about this fact, and see it as a valuable lesson learnt. Will write more in a main post.

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