Sunday 1st March 2015

Parallettes (P1) – Phase 2, Workout 1 (Session 1 of 12)

 Up at 7.30am, coffee and PB/coconut milk combo, the straight into P1.

P1 warm-up

4 x 8 x Plank Push Up to One Arm Extension
1m 30s rests

3 x 5 x Tuck Jump to Swing Set (tuck jump -> swing through to dip -> swing back w/ feet on ground)
2m rests 

4 x 8 Battle Rams (v1 but with 1sec hold at forward position)
1m30s rests

4 x 8 x L-sit Front Straddles
1m30s rests
Keep toes pointed!

 4 x 8 x Mt. Climber Intermediate Hold (1s hold at top, being slow)
1m rests

30s stretches. Didn’t stretch after running much yesterday so pretty stiff today.


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