Thursday 12th March 2015

Morning: Ankle Mobility

1. Foot Circles with Toes Flexed (Curled)

10 x each direction, each side (40 total)

2. Toe and Ankle Movement Coordination

10 x each side with toes down/foot down and vice versa

10 x each side with toes up/foot down and vice versa


3. Diagonal Patterns

10 x up and out each side

10 x down and in each side

4. Rolling up Onto the Toes

10 x each side

5. Squats with Ankle Rotation

10 x each side

6. Ankle Rolling Side-to-Side

10 x each side

7. Weightbearing Ankle Circles on the Heel/Ball of Foot

10 x heel, inwards, each side

10 x heel, outwards, each side

10 x ball, inwards, each side

10 x ball, outwards, each side

8. Calf raises

10 x each leg on step, knees straight

10 x both legs, on step, knees bent


2 x 1m x straight legged calf stretch on step (each side

2 x 1m x bent knee calf stretch on step (each side)

Should do 3 sets of these.

Shrimp squat work

New challenge on the GMB forums.

1 x 5 x lunge slow lower/raises each side (Little Shrimp 1.0)

3 x 5 x lunge down sliding foot on ground (each side, Little Shrimp 2.0)
1m rests

3 x 5 x lunging but with horizontal lower leg, touching to the ground, going back up (each side, Little Shrimp 3.0). Note to self: hold leg off ground longer

3 x 5 x hingeing shrimp squats (Shrimp Cocktail 2.0)



New shoes arrived – Hoka – so ran to the gym. Foot still sore, feeling unfit.

Distance: 2.8km
Time: 17:08
Pace: 6:03/km




Run to gym

6 x wall HS holds
1m rests
Lock arms, arse tight, point toes

3 x 
Walk up wall
5s @ hold horizontal
5s @ 45 degrees
5s @ nearly upright
5s @ 45 degrees
5s @ horizontal
2m rests
Arse tight, hollow body.

3 x 5 x jump to tuck HS against wall

5 x pull ups @ bodyweight
3 x 5 x pull ups @ 8kg
2m rests

2 x 8 x straight arm standing pull downs @ 18.75kg
1 x 8 @ 21.25kg
1m 30s rests

1 x 5 x tri pull downs @ 26.25kg
2 x 5 @ 23.75kg (better form)

3 x 7 x front delt raises with 10kg plate

Both 1m 30 rests

All slow and controlled




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