Thursday 19th March 2015

Parallettes (P1) – Phase 2, Workout 1 (Session 5 of 12)

P1 warm-up

5 x 10 x Plank Push Up to One Arm Extension
1m rests
Quite brutal with short rests!

5 x 3 x Tuck Jump to Swing Set (tuck jump -> swing through to dip -> swing back w/ feet on ground)
1m rests

5 x 10 x Battle Rams
1m rests
My chest is exploding

5 x 10 x L-sit Front Straddles
1m rests
Not the best form – still crampy in the right quad

5 x 10 x Mt. Climber Intermediate Hold
1m rests

Well that was intense!

In rest sets, 3 sets of 1m SLC and 1m BLC stretches (each side, so 12 min total)


Quick trip to the gym (may have lost some training time via Gap and buying some cute new vests for summer :/ )

3 sets of:

10 x tuck jumps
30s rest
10 x forward leaps
30s rests
10 x side-to-side
1m rest


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