Monday 27th April 2015

Morning Run: 10 x Primrose Hill runs

Distance: 5.0km
Time: 31:32
Pace: 6:13/km

Segment time… 21:27!!!

Woohoo – finally beat my PB. It was horrible though – DADA weighted pulls and DA deads meant my body hurt and also my lungs weren’t great – was wheezing through the last few hills. But hey – 33secs off so it’s a fair trade. Now I just need to make sure I keep improving on that…



P1 (Phase 2, Workout 2, Session 10 of 12)

5 x 1min warm up (P1 warm-up as normal)

7 x Tuck to Bent Arm Bent Leg Shoulder Stand singles
1m rests

4 x 6 x Bent Leg Shoulder Stand to Inside Straddles
1m30s rests
Realised that I just can’t do these properly on my p-bars. Might have to invest in some proper ones.

4 x 10 x L-sit Drives
1m rests

7 x 15s x Hollow Body Forward Top Plank holds
30s rests

4 x 8 x Dive Bombers (normal)
1m 30s rests

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