Saturday 25th April 2015

Garage pulling session:

5 x 1m sets:

– Wrist circles
– Elbow circles
– Arm circles
– Hitch hikers
– Cat stretch

10 x inverse rows
15 x push ups
10 x scap pulls

5 x STC
Can’t do properly in the garage

5 x pull ups

3 x 5 x baby MU on low bar
No timed rest
Chris got slow bar muscle ups :)
Gave me pointer on mine – think about getting chest forward rather than using arms. Will try next time.

9 x bodyweight pull ups
Feeling weak today on these.

Weighted pull ups:

5 x 10kg
4 x 11.25kg
3 x 13kg
3 x 15kg
2 x 16.25kg
2 x 20kg
1 x 22.5kg
2ish min rests

Not done these for a while so this was a good way to gauge progress. Think I will stick with these kind of sets and see how much progress I make (instead of the 3 x 5 I was doing a few months back)


Evening run

After watching Ninja Warrior and having a snack. Had to run – was in the schedule ;) Didn’t know my way around the area so went where I knew but had to get out of the park as was getting dark. Looking at the map it looked like a perfectly-planned route, but at the time I kept stopping and checking directions as I didn’t have a clue. Also stopped in the supermarket on the way home and faffed around for ages about what to get.

Distance: 8.0km
Time: 42:00
Pace: 5:13/km
Av. HR: 



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