Thursday 2nd April 2015

Parallettes (P1) – Phase 2, Workout 2 (Session 6 of 12)

Bloody typical that after 12 days off P1 I have to come back to my least favourite of the two sessions. Still, I am at least half way through this phase! 

5 x 1min warm up (P1 warm-up as normal)

3 x 5 x Tuck to Bent Arm Bent Leg Shoulder Stand
Short pause between each rep. 2m rests.

4 x 4 x Bent Leg Shoulder Stand to Inside Straddles
Holy jebus I hate these.
2m rests

Need to practise some straddles on their own – got to work more on proper locked-out legs

4 x 8 x L-sit Drives
1m30s rests

6 x 12s x Hollow Body Forward Top Plank holds
30s rests

3 x 8 x Dive Bombers, only the backwards push (the bit I need to work on!)
2m rests
Too tired for more reps/less rest!

5min P1 stretch routine (more or less)


Hung out washing, put leggings and clothes on, ate chocolate and almond butter (my best pre-run food as no stomach irritation), and left to…


10 x Primrose Hill runs

This years PB, but still 3 mins off my all-time PB.

Total run stats:

Distance: 5.5km
Time: 37:48
Pace: 6:48/km



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