Wednesday 15th April 2015

Morning Primrose Hill runs

10 x Primrose Hill runs.
Felt OK – always trying not to hit wheezing point. 24secs off my PB from last year. Nearly there – next time I will push it and nail it.

Distance: 7.6km
Time: 47:57
Pace: 6:17/km
Av. HR: 154bpm



Afternoon incredibly sunny Primrose pushing 

Taking a break from normal P1 session as p-bars too heavy to take to the park!


20 x bench dips

15 x CTF push ups

3 x 15 x dips

3 x 10 x leg raises on parallel bars

3 x Straddle back lever

2 x pull from straddle German hang into straddle BL

Some Russian dips – 3 sets of 2/3 reps super strict

5 x high L-sit/V-sit holds

Low SBDs

Stretch then errands and dinner


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