Wednesday 1st April 2015

Morning stretch:

15 x 1min mobility/stretch sets


Pointlessly short tracked cycle to and from the gym:

Distance: 2.9km
Time: 9:47
Avg Speed: 17.9km/h


Pulling session @ gym

Quick warm up (was feeling good from earlier)

3 x 10 x inverse rows
1m rests

1m30s rest

10 x scapular pull ups

1m30s rest

10 x bw pull ups

2m rest

3 x 5 x weighted pull ups @ 8kg

5 x STC

2m rest

1 x straddle BL (still there – phew)

1m30s rest

5 x singles FBT lowers
1m rests

2m rest

2 x muscle ups (still got them too – phew)

4 x FB straddle FL holds
1m 30s rests

4 x false grip pull up/holds on top of cable machine
1m30s holds

3 x 5 x baby MU on cable machines
1m30s rests

Stretch and home to book my hunk of beef yeahhhh.

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