Wednesday 8th April 2015

Morning P1 session (Phase 2, Workout 2, Session 8 of 12)

5 x 1min warm up (P1 warm-up as normal)

5 x Tuck to Bent Arm Bent Leg Shoulder Stand
3 x 3 x Tuck to Bent Arm Bent Leg Shoulder Stand (slower)
Short pause between each rep. 2m rests.

4 x 4 x Bent Leg Shoulder Stand to Inside Straddles
Still hate these.
2m rests

4 x 9 x L-sit Drives
1m30s rests

7 x 12s x Hollow Body Forward Top Plank holds
30s rests

2 x 8 x Dive Bombers, only the backwards push
2 x 8 x Dive Bombers (normal)
1m 30s rests

Didn’t really stretch – threw on my trail shoes, grabbed my running pack and some snacks and headed out the door to…


Box Hill run!

Woohoo. Beautiful day, love Box Hill. Tried to keep it at a steady pace and not send my breathing crazy. Felt ok – hills are still killers, but the sun and the countryside makes it all worthwhile :)

Got one segment too so yay. 

Distance: 15.2km
Time: 1:50:02
Pace: 7:13/km
Elevation: 601m
Av. HR: 149bpm




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