Sunday 10th May 2015


In the morning I taught The Transformers callisthenics class outdoors at Clapham Common. Good bunch of people and good fun! Amazingly, that all happened through the one class I went to nearly two years ago! (Write up on the blog here). Since then I kept in touch with one of the instructors, Thomas, and gave him some free bodyweight coaching a few months ago. He set up the class but was away so asked me to cover.



Went straight from Clapham to my old stomping grounds of Tooting Common to have a run. 
10k keeping stroke tempo high (200spm!), lightness, leg cycling and no tired plodding. Still hard. Next time 12. Work on running form continues!

Distance: 10.0km
Time: 50:35
Pace: 5:01/km
Elevation: 27m
HR: 156
SPM: 200

Went to the gym to stretch out and then straight to an epic Lebanese feast with friends :)


Beanbag carry

Carried a giant beanbag back from Tooting, 15mins to station, on the tube and back to mine. Decent arms workout (better than you might think given it’s full of polystyrene). I now have a total beanbag lounge set – winning.

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