Saturday 30th May 2015

Long Run:

Box Hill from Dorking station and back. Did a bit with Toni but her knee was hurting :( Ran with a couple that Chris befriended whilst I ran from Dorking (he got off at Box Hill) but they were slower so I did my own thing. Felt good – body much better than last time. Tried to keep cadence up. Toni said Michael Cohen advised running up hills with the body upright (I lean at the hips) so tried that. Not bad. Also managed the bit up the grass hill to the oak tree and all the way beyond without stopping, which was a result. Excited for next time… 18km, although may up that.

Also tried some mid-run fuel: banana Nakd bar. Brilliant. Super sweet and could immediately feel the sugary boost. Stomach felt good after.

Distance: 16.3km
Moving Time: 1:54:12
Pace: 6:59/km
Elevation: 554m
HR: 136
Cadence: 176




15 mins stretches, mostly 1m holds, at the station whilst waiting for the train. Lucky when it works out like that as would otherwise skive it.

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