Sunday 24th May 2015

P1. Level B. Phase 3. Workout 3 (3 of 6)

25 x 30s dynamic stretches

4 x 5 x frogger (slow)
1m rests

4 x 5 x assisted press (HSPU from bent arm on p-bars, feet on sofa)
1m 30s rests

4 x 15s front scales

4 x Component 1
6 reps of hold

4 x Component 2
4 x swings 

4 x Component 3
4 per leg (read instructions too late!)

All 1m30s rests

3 x conditioning sets:

5 x Tuck swing to top position
30 second rest
5 x 3 second Hollow body top position plank holds
30 second rest
10 x Push up one arm extensions (5 reps each arm)
1m30s rest

Stretching, breakfast, out.



Couple of hours walk through the woods :)

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