Sunday 3rd May 2015


Been reading up on better running form so went out to practise. Lifting knees higher (hip flexors feel weak), kiss ground lightly, 180+ strikes per minute, allow heel to come up behind.

Main run:

Distance: 4.9km (hmmph – said 5km when I stopped!)
Time: 26:10
Pace: 5:15/km
HR: 139bpm
SPM: 194

Cool down:

Distance: 1.5km
Time: 8:47
Pace: 5:38/km
SPM: 204 (there must be something wrong with my watch!)



Down to Victoria to train/chill with Jat and Chris

Distance: 8.4km
Time: 25:18
Av Speed: 20.1km/h


Foam and tennis ball roll

1 hour!

Watching a movie is the key (in this case the EPIC Interstellar – best film I’ve seen all year) to doing this and not being bored.

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