Tuesday 5th May 2015

Heavy day :)

Gym 1: 

10 mins mobility incl. bear monkey frog

3 x 5 x wall walks up and down
1m 30s rests

3 x 4 x tuck up against wall
1m30s rest

3 x 3 x dragon flags
1m30s rests
Not to full depth but not far off!


Trained at Shepherds Bush FF. Boring place – loads of cardio machines, no free weights (no squat rack WTF) and the staff got shitty with me for taking my trainers (trail shoes!) off to do handstands. Lame.



Total for day – cycled to Gym 1, then to client, then to evening event then back for Gym 2.

Distance: 35.6km
Time: 1:51:27
Av. Speed 19.2km/h



Gym 2:

Warm up:
15 x lat pull downs
15 x seated rows

3 x 11 x pull ups
2m rests

3 x 5 x single arm scapular pull ups ES
2m rests
Slight assist from pull up station upright

3 x 5 x 12kg pull ups
2m30s rests
Quite surprised I did these.

Stretch and home for some serious food.

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