Wednesday 20th May 2015


Just running to the shop then back with an armful of groceries.

Distance: 1.1km
Moving time: 6:29
Pace: 5:26/km
Cadence: 191



P1. Level B. Phase 3. Workout 2 (2 of 6)

Normal P1 warm up

Is not sufficient for this intensity workout

Component 1
3 reps2min rest, 3 x 2 reps, 1m30s rest

Component 2
This is stupidly hard (i.e. impossible for me at the moment). can’t jump into shoulder stand, not even bent leg. 
2 x attempts on p-bars
2 x attempts going up and down from straddle on push up handles
2 x attempts going up and down from straddle on floor
Hip flexors cramping. Feeling weak!

Component 3
4 x 2 reps, 1m30s rests
Holy compression Batman!

This workout is making my abs feel on the verge of cramping…


3 rounds of:

Battle Rams 5 reps
30 second rest
Inside straddle holds 3 seconds x 5 reps
30 second rest
Mt. Climbers 5 reps each leg
90 second rest

Relatively short workout but gah that was hard! Think I need some more conditioning work… Front scales, more straddle raises, more overhead bent arm stuff…


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