Friday 26th June 2015

Off for a long weekend in Suffolk with my bike :)

Morning run

Getting in a cheeky track session before leaving…

To track and back
Distance: 2.7km
Pace: 5:54/km

8 x 400m laps, 1 min rest
First session three days into Spiriva inhaler. Less wheezy – was able to go faster. Still out of breath but wasn’t actually wheezing.

Distance: 3.1km
Pace: 3:58/km


Cycle 1: Home to Liverpool Street station with HEAVY backpack! 

Distance: 7.9km
Time: 26:04
Speed: 18.2km/h


Cycle 2: Station to house then back to supermarket and back

Distance: 11km
Manual add so no other data



15 mins stretching in the evening sunshine on the grass :) Happy to be away from London!

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