Saturday 6th June 2015


I won it! WOOHOO!!!

Wanted to win it and I did. Climbing and OAP training paid off. Battered and bruised now, plus I am back there today (Sunday) to do it all again for the ninja warrior edition. But yay. Happy Fi :) 

Did three runs of the course:


Wanted to bet my time in the last one but my arms were too fried.

Hopefully there will be some video and photos to post but I’ll leave you with this shot for now :)


Also c. 20km of cycling:

5.7km SMASH down to the station (to find train was cancelled) (4th on a Zone 1 2km segment!)

7.3km to the BYJ and back (amazingly still a good pace)

5.7km back home (GPS messed up)

Lots of food and an early-ish night



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