Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Climbing and upper body

Went to Vauxwall. Got there early for some extra strength work.

5 x traverse wall (2 x blue, 2 x orange, 1 x yellow)

Tabata burpees

10 x various 30s mobility sets

3 x 10 x band sets ES (outward, inwards, up)

5 x finger board pull ups

10 x finger board scapular pulls

3 x single arm scapular pulls (finger board)

10 x 10s OAP negatives with other hand on first knot (25cm ish below bar) ES

3 x 3 full + 1 negative dragon flag
2m rests
Getting < 30cm from ground

3 x assisted (archer style) negatives ES
1m rests

Climb. Got a red I wanted last time, and another decent red. Lots of purples – trying to move better.

Finished with more traverse wall and…

Tabata burpees

15 x 1m stretches

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