Wednesday 17th June 2015


Free mobility 10 mins

1 min normal bear

1 min BAB (moving, trying to get arms more bent)



Super light pulling session to test shoulder:

3 x 10 x inverse rows
1m rests

10 x scapular pulls
Hurt shoulder so no more

3 x 5 x pull ups strict, slow with top contraction. At this rep range they are squeak they are so clean :) Weirdly didn’t hurt.

Some hop up to tuck HS then extended. Feeling more solid/confident but front of body tired from yesterday.

Use the lax ball between sets and stretched out.



Home to gym to work to college to home.

Distance: 24.3km
Time: 1:14:37
Avg Speed: 19.6km/h




BAB 1 min (had to film for forum challenge). Was a bit late as had a massive dinner then felt a bit ill :/

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