Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Morning 10 x Primrose Hill runs

Lungs bad today. Thought I was going fast but about 23s off PB. Hoping that this is due to the fact it was 7.30am and I wasn’t warmed up!

21:49 on hills segment

Distance: 4.6km
Time: 29:15
Pace: 6:14/km
Elevation: 137m
HR: 159
Cadence: 176


Evening leg session:

Tapering arms for BYJ on Saturday ;)

15 mins mobility. Feels good today.

3 x 5 x frog to tuck HS (against wall)

3 x 5 x bent arm crow, straighten arms, lift body between hands, lower

3 x supersets:
5 x straddle headstand raise and lower
10 x single leg glute bridges ES
20 x Walt Reynolds ES
No rests

3 x 10 x semi shrimp squats

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