Friday 3rd July 2015

Long Run

Double Box Hill (aka training for MDS and working on my sock tan) (joke)

Made it to 16km with no rests but fucked after going up to view point then the long hill back. Still trialling food: Nakd bar @ 10km, 2 x ShotBlox @ 16km, Coconut macaroon at 20ish. No issues with any. Not sure why av. pace so fast – watch said was c. 7.30 on the way round. Wanted to make it round without stopping (eating whilst walking) but got to 16km in and had to stop and have some emergency ShotBlox. This was incredibly tiring.

Distance: 26.1km
Moving Time: 3:00:23
Pace: 6:54/km
Elevation: 1,026m
HR: 149
Cadence: 167 (due to walking I suspect)


15 mins stretch

Had time to kill whilst waiting for train

Probably did about 2km walking as well.

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